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The initial phase of heart surgery recovery can last from six to eight weeks. Upon discharge from the hospital or health care facility, the patient — and often the caregiver — will be given a set of instructions on post-surgery care. They typically include tips on what to do for the patient’s physical and emotional well-being.  Approximately six weeks post-surgery, the patient will be setup with a cardiac rehab program initiated by the patient’s cardiologist. 

In addition, Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute works in conjunction with the Mended Hearts which is a national support group for heart patients and their loved ones.  These volunteers offer support and encouragement during the post-operative recovery process.  If your loved one would like to speak to someone who has had heart surgery, contact Mended Hearts at 1-800-AHAUSA1 (1-800-242-8721). They can put you in touch with the local chapters here in Leesburg and The Villages.

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