Leesburg Ocala Heart Institute

Mission Work

Improving health, one life at a time, Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute is dedicated to healthy heart care, both at home and overseas. We use the skills and talents we were blessed with to give back to the world in honor of God. Serving all people, regardless of faith or nationality, we have traveled to remote areas of the world, bringing a level of care that is otherwise unavailable. Working in unison with local hospitals, we teach new techniques, thoracic and heart procedures to local caregivers as well as sponsoring trips for international medical teams to come to our Florida facilities so they can receive even more specialized training. We find that the experience enriches us, as well, giving us new appreciation for the gifts we’ve been given, as well as filling us with encouragement and hope when we see patients leading happy, productive lives.

Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute reaches out into the World

Teams from Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute have journeyed to multiple countries where our focus is on young adults where we work with local hospital administrations to improve techniques for treatment of heart, lungs, esophagus, and blood vessels. Treating the whole person spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, we strive to give the highest quality of care with our team approach that combines the country’s top Leesburg thoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists and medical support staff to treat individual health care needs.

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