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The Ocala Heart Institute began in Ocala, Florida in January 1988 as a vision of three individuals – a cardiovascular surgeon, cardiologist and a cardiovascular anesthesiologist. The goal was to draw upon the expertise of these three specialties to deliver the best quality of cardiothoracic and vascular care to the heart, lung and vascular patient.  From this first location a total of six locations opened across the State of Florida.  Currently, Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute is here to serve you in Marion, Lake, and Sumter Counties. 

Since its inception in 1998, the Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute performs more than 600 open heart surgeries annually in addition to thoracic procedures.    

As a patient of Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute, you and your family are a top priority. We understand that educating you and your family regarding the cardiovascular and thoracic conditions, surgical procedures, and options are vital in managing your expectations as a patient.

From heart valve replacements to heart bypass surgery and pacemaker insertions, our heart and lung team will be by your side the entire time. During hospitalization, you are visited frequently by your cardiac team who are involved in the planning and implementation of your heart surgery, from beginning to end. At Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute you will have access to the best heart surgeons, as well as an outstanding care team and support staff.  Our heart and lung surgeons dedicate their time and skills to the needs of the heart and lung patient and are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Mission Statement

The Ocala Heart Institute is committed to the concept of modify, simplify and apply. This concept was first pioneered by Dr. Denton Cooley, the mentor to many of the physicians of the Ocala Heart Institute. It is the belief of the physicians that the highest quality of care given in the most expeditious and compassionate manner will result in the quickest return to a normal life-style. This care will always have as its goal the respect and compassion of the patient.

Our Statement of Faith

The doctors of the Ocala Heart Institute are committed to operating the firm upon biblical principles. We recognize God’s blessing upon our business and the need for us to be good stewards of what god has entrusted to us.


Serving Lake, Marion, and Sumter counties, Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute offers a full range of heart and lung services that rank among the best Florida cardiovascular care treatments in the country. Our team approach is a collaboration that draws on the knowledge and skills of top medical specialists in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Ocala Heart Institute founders had one goal in mind when the first facility opened over two decades ago, “To honor God using our medical talents to improve the health of the world’s population.” This distinction of the Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute continues with its dedication to honor God through its practice. The physicians of the Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute recognize not only the physical needs of the patient but also the emotional, social and spiritual needs. 

Our heart surgeons have performed thousands of cardiac surgery procedures with excellent outcomes.

Performing thousands of life-saving heart procedures each year, our experience and expertise has a proven success record of preventing and/or repairing heart and lung disease. Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute upholds the tradition of superior cardiovascular and lung services and offers one of the largest open-heart programs in the state. Our skilled familiarity with the latest and most sophisticated technology such as the Maze procedure for atrial fibrillation, minimally-invasive heart valve surgery including the TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement), and mechanical support devices has opened new possibilities for high-risk patients.

Dedicated to individualized care from initial evaluation to post-operative care, Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute ensures patients a streamlined approach to their cardiac surgical experience. Providing a consistent team of caregivers assures a continuity of patient care by eliminating confusion and increasing quick response to changes in patient’s health.  Continuity and collaboration of care contribute to successful outcomes. Care does not cease once the procedure is over. Our cardiac rehabilitation program is built on three phases and is considered one of the best in the nation. You and your team will draft a healthcare plan that includes education, cardiac reconditioning, and long-term lifestyle changes such as cholesterol lowering diet and/or medication, smoking cessation, and regular exercise to reduce risk of future heart problems.

A Compassionate Cardiac Medical Team

Our heart and lung surgeons, at Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute, dedicate their time and skills to the needs of the heart and lung patient. Our heart and lung physicians have a compassionate medical team, all of whom are specialized in the care of cardiovascular and thoracic patients, and they work closely with your general cardiologists. The collaboration of the surgeons, mid-level practitioners, nurses, and staff results in a complete team that combines expertise, care, and wisdom to help patients have a healthy life and family.

Working Together!

Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute is an association of cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons who work with an esteemed group of cardiovascular anesthesiologists providing quality care for cardiovascular and thoracic patients.  As part of the patient’s heart team, the surgeons work in conjunction with the patient’s cardiologist to formulate the best plan of care for their cardiovascular needs. 

Heart disease, also called cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease, is a simple term used to describe several problems related to plaque buildup in the walls of the arteries, or atherosclerosis. As the plaque builds up, the arteries narrow, making it more difficult for blood to flow and creating a risk for heart attack or stroke, according to the American Heart Association. Other types of heart disease include heart failure, an irregular heartbeat – or arrhythmia – and heart valve problems. To learn more about heart disease and conditions that can lead to heart disease, heart attack or stroke, you can visit the American Heart Association.

What Patients Say About Us

"Now it has been over nine years since February 11, 2003 when you performed 5 heart by-passes for my mother, Eris. These years have amounted to a much-appreciated gift to her, and to Dad, who she took care of until he passed away in September, 2007. (Mom) still remembers, with pleasure, your kindly care."
Heart Patient’s Son
"Thanks to all of you for giving of your time, expertise and kindness in helping us understand Rita’s illness and in making decisions for her health care. You all have been there for us and have been a source of wisdom for us. Your gentleness and quiet confidence has been much appreciated and will always be remembered. May God bless you in your work."
The Geisel Family
Heart Patient’s Family
"It has been four months since my surgery and I feel great. I want to take this opportunity to Thank You and your team for the excellent treatment I received. I also wish to thank you for the prayers that you shared with me and my wife before and after my surgery. As you are aware I had successful surgery eighteen years ago in another city, but subsequent treatments were not serving me well. I am thankful that my Doctors recommended you to evaluate me and ultimately perform my surgery. It goes without saying that my wife and family are very grateful for your expertise and experience. Your leadership and commitment as a surgeon is highly commendable. Again, Thank You!"
Mr. Lopez
Heart Patient

Best Heart & Thoracic Surgeons in Leesburg

Locally, our mission is to treat patients as we would want to be treated ourselves: with compassion, understanding and knowledge. From initial examination to post-operative care, Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute offers an exceptional level of care with skilled, experienced medical teams and innovative technology to help others live healthier, longer lives. By offering the very best Florida cardiovascular care, Leesburg-Ocala Heart Institute truly has a “Heart for the World.”

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